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100100 | Rear Seat Release Kit - Black | Ford F-Series



  • Robert Etheridge

    Easy, straightforward installation. Watch the video….very helpful! Nice product.


    Just completed install, took about twenty minutes but that was because I went step by step with the video so lots of stop and go. I can see this being a 10 min. job.


  • Harvey Eastman

    Very easy to follow but I had to trim that black plastic to get it to latch 

  • Aaron P Williams

    Very easy installation, (speaking on me LoL) the hardest part for me was getting off my lazy %*#& to install it. I read the instructions, assessed my situation and got her done!!!! Maybe 10 mins. Thank you for a Great Product!!!!!

  • Steve Sutton

    Thanks for the install video.  

  • Ralph Christian Hahn

    Install went as per the video which was especially helpful in that my crossbar on the latch falls to near the bottom on its own. Don't know why but if I lift it up to about what he did in the video and raise the bottom of the seat at the same time it works pretty well each attempt. Thank you so much for the extra “secret” storage area…


  • James D Law

    Ordered the red strap, with I went with black strap instead. Easy install. Very satisfied with product. 

  • Joseph Pelletier

    Got a notification that a package was delivered, checked the front door BOOM latch was here!  Opened the package, reviewed the video, and thought could it be the easy?  Gathered the 2 tools needed, followed the tips from the video and had the seat back down in about a minute.  Removed the bracket, installed the strap and new bracket in about 2 minutes!  Flipped the seat back in place, lowered the bottom and then tested the strap, worked as advertised flawlessly!  
    Simple, effective, and a must for anyone looking for some useful extra room!

    Thanks for making a great product!


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